“Daring and inspired…rivets you to your seat.
Paltrow’s performance is astonishing.
The triumph of John Brownlow’s marvellous script and Jeff’s film is that it leaves you itching to know more.” **** James Christopher, The Times

“A beautiful film. Gwyneth’s portrait of Sylvia has Academy Award-Winning indelibly inked all over it.”Sarah Bailey, Elle

“Gwyneth portrays love, betrayal and her slide into depression brilliantly. See Gywneth as you’ve never seen her before.”Glamour

“Sylvia is a brilliant film, showing everything that fascinated about one of the most tumultuous poetic love affairs.
Gwyneth Paltrow is a brilliant Plath, tortured and talented in equal measure.”
Jo Craven, Vogue

“Haunting, well-judged biopic of Plath and Hughes. A dark, unsettling, thoroughly convincing work.
Paltrow is credible, mercurial and brittle as Plath.
…exquisite….very,very moving.”**** Chris Roberts, Uncut

“ Atmospheric, elegant and thoughtful. Paltrow’s performance is impressive.
**** Nev Pierce, BBCi Films

“An amazingly powerful, beautiful film with a heartfelt performance from Gwyneth Paltrow.” **** B

“Utterly heart-rending.” Instyle